What is the territorial scope of the Project?
- The scope of the Project includes the whole territory of Poland. It does not matter where a beneficiary lives. However, it has to be within the territory of the Republic of Poland.
Who may apply for support within the Project?
- Support may be granted only to natural persons interested in establishing a company based on the idea reported to us. It is also possible to grant support to natural persons who already conduct business activities as long as their projects are not related with these activities. However, within the Project, it is not possible to grant support to legal persons concerning technologies developed by them.
What does the system of financial support within the Project look like?
- We may grant support up to EUR 200,000 which has to be less than 50%. It means that a beneficiary’s contribution to a future undertaking should constitute a share of 50%+1. In special cases, we may find an additional investor/investors for companies in order to complement the capital structure.
When does the recruitment start and when does it end?
- We do not organize a competition and award points. We only collect applications from originators and assess them concerning their consistency with our Project and Measure 3.1 of OP IE. We accept applications continually.
Do I have to have a contribution exceeding 50% of the investment value?
- Each beneficiary should secure a contribution to a future company of a value exceeding that of the contribution of PNT Euro-Centrum (50%+1 shares of the total of a beneficiary’s contribution and PNT Euro-Centrum contribution). In the event of projects the value of which exceeds EUR 400,000, it is possible to attract an additional investor who will provide an additional contribution and will acquire a part of shares. A beneficiary’s contribution may be in cash or in kind. A contribution in kind may include an asset in the form of an idea (if it may become a contribution in kind), e.g. patents, rights to patents for an invention, know-how, technologies, industrial models, and other intangible rights. However, it is not possible to present an idea to the pre-incubation stage which does not constitute a contribution of its originator to the future company.
Is my participation in other EU projects excluded when I submit my application to the Project “Capital for Energy”?
- Participation in the Project “Innovation Capital for Energy Conservation” does not exclude the participation of beneficiaries in other EU projects. However, beneficiaries may not apply for financial support from other EU sources for activities supported within the Project (prohibition of double financing). It means that, within the scope of the Project, beneficiaries may not apply for grants from other sources. It is also impossible to be awarded funds within the Project “Innovation Capital for Energy Conservation” for activities for which beneficiaries have been awarded funds from other sources.  
What costs am I obliged to pay during the pre-incubation stage of my idea?
- During the pre-incubation stage, all costs are paid by PNT Euro-Centrum as a grant beneficiary. The awarded support includes the financing of substance-related examinations of the idea which are supposed to confirm its rationality and innovation, patent examinations (patent clearance, ability to protect, technology, and ability to register), preparation of business plan and financial analysis, and valuation of a contribution in kind made to the company. In the pre-incubation stage, the originator may also use offices equipped with computer devices which are dedicated for the Project and which are made available by PNT Euro-Centrum.
How is the capital entry made? How does financial support for the reported idea look like? When will I receive money for establishing a company?
- Capital entry concerns companies; detailed description of the investment is contained in the Investment Rules available on the Project website. Capital support is transferred to the bank account of a new company upon the positive decision about its establishment with our participation. Detailed rules concerning the functioning of a future company will be specified in the articles of association.